Transworld Technologies Ltd – DragonDroid Installation Manual

Transworld’s award winning road safety solution, the ​ Mobile Eye ​ and its online driver behaviour
measurement and monitoring portal, ​ FleetView​ , together offer a 360 degree view of any
organisation’s work-force and their adherence to company safety regulations.

This app is for Safety purpose and it captured below data

  • Safety Data
  • Driver’s Behavior through Overspeed, Rapid Acceleration, Rapid
    Deceleration, Continuous Driving
  • Violation Record
  • Night Driving
  • Incident Data

DragonDroid application is for your safety. Your family can have visibility to the safety
data if required apart from the your Company Safety department.

DragonDroid Installation Process

1. User to download “​MobileEye DragonDroid​” mobile application from the Play Store.
Please see the icon below on the play store for the correct app


2. Install the application by clicking on Install button
3. Please give below all permissions​ to app clicking on Allow buttons

a. Device location
b. Photos, Media and files
c. Phone calls
d. Your contacts

4. Please fill the ​ Registration form ​ with your details like
a. Name
b. Mobile number
c. Email id
d. Location
e. Company – Company provided code (​ To check your company code, click here​ ) and click on Submit button

App Settings

1. Once the registration process gets completed, app will ask for the below permissions.

a. Enable GPS location
b. Select High Accuracy in location mode (to use
GPS,Wi-Fi,Bluethooth, or Mobile network to determine the location)
c. Click on ​ Open Settings​ – Enable ​ Autostart
d. Disable – ​ Battery Saver​ and Select “​ No Restrictions​ ” and open the DragonDroid app.
e. Please select ​ Track Me​ button on dashboard to start the app capturing

2. Any time if the app is reopened and GPS is off then it will give an alert popup. Click on asking for enabling the GPS. Enable the GPS.
3. If the Internet is off, alert popup will be displayed. Click on “OK” to turn mobile internet ON

How to use DragonDroid


1.MY DRIVING : It consists of Driver’s statistics and Driver’s behavior. Users can select a date to check the statistics for Speeding, Acceleration, Braking, Night
Driving and Fatigued Driving.
2.MY INPUTS : Users can submit their journey record in terms of parameters like Odometer reading, FuelExpenses and Other Expenses like Toll Tax, PUC etc. Also users can upload the images
3.LEADERBOARD : User can check their Driving Rank. The Rank is computed on the basis of journey distance and violations.
4.MY TRIP :​ Users can check their trip data for selected date range.

Dos and Don’ts


1. Allow permissions while installing an application.

2. Verify user registration using OTP  submission.

3. Keep Mobile Internet and GPS ON while registration.

4. Verify Unit Id, Vehicle Id and Company Code after registration in app settings.

5. Turn ON GPS and “Track Me” button when journey starts.

6. Keep GPS Location Mode setting on “High Accuracy”.

7. Always keep Battery Optimisation setting on “No Restriction / Don’t Optimised”.


1. Do not Stop the application forcefully during the working hours

2. Do not erase cache data of

3. Do not run the application when GPS is OFF.

4. Don’t use DragonDroid application when Low Battery.

5. Do not delete DragonDroid Files from internal / phone storage.


Answer : Go to battery settings , select ​ Battery Optimization,​ Select Don’t Optimize​ .

Answer : ON/ OFF the Track Me and GPS BUTTON and also check the internet connection

Answer : Please go to the Location Settings. the Phone could be set to use the “Battery saving” Locating Method. This
Method uses Wi-Fi & Mobile Networks to estimate your Location, without turning on the GPS. In this case, please switch to
“Phone only” or “High accuracy” Method to enable the GPS Sensor.

Answer : Live field on top of the Dashboard is continuously updating. To see the previous record go to the dashboard and
click on My Driving, select previous date and submit.

Answer : The App could be closed by the System during the Background Recording. To avoid it, you have to go on the
Android Settings and turn off all Battery Monitoring and Optimizations for Mobileye app . On Android 9 check also that the
Application should “NOT Background Restricted”.

Answer : Go to My Driving and select the date and submit

Answer : This application is supporting Android version 4.1 Jelly Bean and above, it does not support IOS.

Answer : Yes! All critical information is encrypted in every transfer action run through the Apps and the Mobile Web App,
and no personal information is stored on your mobile device. However, mobile devices do offer you the ability to store
your login information for apps installed on the device

Answer : The app has the ON and OFF button, whenever you On button (Track me ON) then only the app starts working.
You can turn off the button during non-working hours. It only captures the safety data.

Answer : You can see all the information in settings.(User name, unit ID, Password etc.)

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