Smart IoT, Edge Computing Embedded Device the Mobile Eye


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High Compatibility

Mobile Eye partners with various peripheral technologies such as temperature sensors, cameras, door sensors, fuel sensors, RFID sensors and many more to provide a comprehensive solution to our users through our four modules of Fleet Management.

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Dynamic & Adaptive

Mobile Eye and its capabilities can adapt to your business needs and enables you to take strategic, informed decisions and efficiently manage your fleet in the supply chain. Fleetview as well, seamlessly integrates with your ERP, simplifying everything.

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Unceasing Innovation

Mobile Eye is under continuous innovation increasing its capabilities to make Fleet Management more simplified and efficient. Our R&D team is working tremendously to make Mobile Eye better each day, every day.

About Us

Smart IoT, Edge Computing Embedded Device the Mobile Eye

The company designs and builds in-house their own Smart IoT, Edge Computing Embedded Device the Mobile Eye, an intelligent and flexible wireless platform that can be deployed instantly across various application verticals. The patent pending, award winning Mobile Eye ( is a versatile remote embedded device that connects to various sensors, local and wide area networks and control systems also seamlessly integrating to other standard protocols like CAN, Modbus, SPI, WiFi, LAN and WAN. Instant integration with Cloud Big Data systems allows the Mobile Eye to function as an email client, a TCP/IP host or client, or an FTP client, in addition to all regular cellular data, voice and text capabilities.


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